Frequently asked questions

When does the season run?

The season is largely dependent on the weather and field conditions. Typically the season runs from May through until the end of June.

Are there playoffs in this league?

Yes. City playoffs run at the end of the regular season and take about one week to complete. Successful teams may also advance to provincial and Western Canadian playoffs.

Where are the games played?

At the U6, U8 and U10 levels, games are played only within your home zone. Once players advance to the U12 level and above, games will be played all over Edmonton and it's surrounding areas including Beaumont, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Legal, St. Albert, Calahoo and Enoch.

Is this a competitive league?

With the exception of the U6 and U8 levels, the EYSA is a competitive 'fastball' league and games will have a winning and losing team. Standings are tracked throughout the season and playoffs according to standings will occur.

Are coaches and other team staff paid?

With some "A" level teams, coaches may have some of their expenses paid. However, the entire EYSA is largely run by a dedicated group of volunteers and we are always looking for more help. If you are interested in helping please use the " Contact Us" page on this website.

When are the practices?

Practices are determined by each individual team. At the younger levels, there is always one game day and at least one scheduled practice day during the month of May. At higher levels, there will be two game days and practices may be required throughout the week or on weekends.

How long are the games?

Game length varies depending on age category, but typically range from 45 minutes at the U6 level to up to 2.5 hours at the higher levels. Some of the extremely advanced teams may also play "double headers" making the total length of the game night up to 5 hours. Below are the specific per game time limits for each age category. U6 - No new inning starts after 45 minutes of play U8 - No new inning starts after 60 minutes of play U10 / U12 - No new inning starts after 90 minutes of play U14 / U16 / U19 - No new inning starts after 120 minutes of play

Are there tournaments?

Yes. Each team determines which tournaments they attend. .

Is there a volunteer commitment?

Most organizations require some sort of volunteer commitment. In the EYSA volunteer commitments range from selling chocolates to working events such as tournaments or bingos. Please ask your zone registrar for details on the volunteer commitment requirements for you specific zone. Details on which zone you fall into and how to register within that zone can be found on the Registration Information page on this website.

How do I find the team nearest to me?

Teams within the EYSA are all associated with a 'zone'. There are three main zones within the EYSA. They are Northeast, Northwest and South. You must register your child in the zone in which they live. For more information about the boundaries for each zone and how to register your child to play in that zone, please see the Registration Information page on this website.

Do I need a community league membership?

Community League Memberships are not required if you live with the South Edmonton zone. However, when registering your child in the Northeast or Northwest zones, you will require a current and valid Community League Membership. For more information on which zone you live in, please see the registration information page on this website.

How can I get involved with my child's team?

All teams in the EYSA depend on parents to step up and help with the team. Some teams in the higher age categories may require a team manager, multiple coaches and even a team treasurer. If you are interested in getting involved with your child's team as a coach, manager, treasurer or in any other way, please be sure to let your zone registrar know when registering your child to play.

What ages can play in the EYSA?

Players in the EYSA can range from as young as 3 years old through to 21+ years of age. Players are placed into age categories based on their age at the start of the season and the maximum age allowed in the category. The categories the EYSA uses are: U6 - CoEd TBall (Ages 4, 5 and 6) U8 - CoEd Coach Pitch (Ages 6, 7 and 8) U10 - CoEd Fastball (Ages 8, 9 and 10) U12 - Boys/Girls Fastball (Ages 10, 11 and 12) U14 - Boys/Girls Fastball (Ages 12, 13 and 14) U16 - Boys/Girls Fastball (Ages 14, 15 and 16) U19 - Ladies Fastball (Ages 16, 17, 18 and 19) Some zones also offer two other specialized categories: Nerf Ball - CoEd Tball (Age 3) U21 - Ladies Fastball (Ages 18+) If a player turns the next age above the maximum age for the category prior to the end of the calendar year then they would be required to play in the next age category up. Players may play up an age category, based on skill and age, but never down a category. For example, a player that was six years old at the start of the season whose seventh birthday is in January would be eligible to play in the U6 category (or U8 category if very advanced). However, a player that was six years old at the start of the season whose seventh birthday is in November would need to play in the U8 category (or U10 category if extremely advanced).

What days of the week will my child play?

Games are held either on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on the age category your player is registered in. Additional practices may be required on other days of the week. Below are the age categories along with which games days are typically used for each category. U6 - Tuesday and Thursday U8 - Monday and Wednesday U10 - Tuesday and Thursday U12 - Monday and Wednesday U14 - Tuesday and Thursday U16 - Monday and Wednesday U19 - Tuesday and Thursday Please note that while the game days for an age category typically follows the above list, you should verify with your child's specific team to confirm the game and practice dates and locations.

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